• Dr Claire Ashley

If you have fine lines, wrinkles or scarring then microneedling might just be for you!

Quite a few of my patients have not heard of microneedling, so I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you what it is!

Microneedling is an aesthetic treatment which uses medical grade needles which are either rolled over the face using a hand held device or done via a pen. This process introduces entry points into the dermis of the skin (the deeper part of the skin), which in turn stimulates the skin's natural biological healing response.

When this healing response is stimulated, collagen production increases and the skin starts to remodel. By 4-6 weeks after treatment, the appearance of scarring and fine lines is improved. Microneedling also helps with the appearance of pores, skin texture, pigmentation and stretch marks. Generally a course of 3-6 treatments every 6 weeks is recommended followed by yearly maintenance.

The benefits of needling are as follows:

1. visible and long lasting results (usually after 6 weeks)

2. natural collagen production for a year, on average

3. minimally invasive

4. no skin damage

5. minimal pain (as topical anaesthetic is used)

6. minimal or no side effects and minimal discomfort post- treatment

7. short healing time (48 hours)

8. suitable for all skin types

9. suitable for all areas of the body

It is possible to buy microneedling devices to use at home, but the needles on these devices are not long enough to get into the deep layers of the skin and produce good results. The needles I use in my clinic are medical grade needles which cannot be used at home as it is too painful to use without local anaesthetic. The microneedling devices I use are bought from medical pharmacies, are single use and sterile- quite often devices that can be bought online are not sterile nor are they designed for repeat use, which runs the risk of introducing infection into the skin.

One of the other advantages in coming to see me is that I can use medical grade peptides and serums which can be needled into the skin for additional benefit. For instance, if you skin is dehydrated we could needle some hyaluronic acid into the skin. If you were looking for skin firming and reduction in the appearance of fine lines we could use the TDS firming solution from pH Formula, which is fabulous for firming and lifting.

My prices start from £150 per session, but if booked as part of a course then each session works out a little cheaper.

I have started needling my skin and have definitely noticed an improvement in the appearance of crow's feet around my eyes, so I am a big fan of microneedling. For those who are not sure about botox just yet, this is the perfect way to get great results without committing to injectables.

If you have any questions then please let me know! I offer microneedling at Robert John Salon in Portishead on Fridays.

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