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Welcome to Aethra Aesthetics!

Hi there and welcome to Aethra! I wanted to use this first blog post to introduce myself and tell you a little bit more about my new business.

I am absolutely thrilled to be launching medical aesthetic treatments at Robert John salon in Portishead from October 2019. I am still working as an NHS GP and am registered with the General Medical Council with a licence to practice. In a past life I was an anaesthetics/intensive care trainee, so I have several years experience in performing technically difficult and precise invasive procedures as well as managing very sick patients safely and competently. I am hoping that these years of experience will allow me to practice aesthetic procedures to the same level of competency and confidence. I am incredibly proud to say that currently I am the only doctor-led aesthetics clinic in Portishead.

I have been trained to a high standard by a Harley Street based training company that only teaches medics to do perform medical aesthetic procedures. I am also a member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group (ACE), which aims to improve standards and regulation within the industry. The group also aims to ensure early diagnosis, appropriate management and improved outcomes for patients that have complications with their aesthetic treatments. I am very conscious of the possibility of complications and deliberately chose to do my training with a company that places the utmost importance on preventing, recognising and managing complications with aesthetic procedures.

The aesthetics industry is currently completely unregulated, and as such if you are considering having a treatment, it is incredibly important to pick a practitioner that has a medical background and one that you trust to treat you safely and competently. I will be offering treatments which are ethical, safe and discrete. Aesthetic treatments are not a medical necessity, and as such if I feel that the procedure being asked for is not appropriate for the patient then I will either suggest an alternative treatment, or decline to do it. Furthermore, if I feel that I am being asked to perform a procedure I don't feel I am competent or trained enough to perform then I will direct you to another practitioner. I will never do a hard sell and will also ensure that the patient has time to consider their options before deciding whether or not they will go ahead with a treatment.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to come and have a consultation! Procedures can be adapted for different results based on age and sex so whatever your concern is, please get in touch. I am aware that not everyone is comfortable or ready to have injectable treatments, so I am thrilled to be able to offer skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing and home skin care products as well as injectables.

I hope that has explained a little bit more about me, my background and the vision I have for Aethra. As an aside, the name of my business is the latin word for brilliance/splendour, and I thought it was the perfect fit for the level of service and treatment outcome that I intend to provide for my patients.

If you have any queries please get in touch via the website, my Facebook page, Instagram or Robert John. I look forward to seeing you very soon!

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